Business To Business

The Source

We pride ourselves on our vertical integration efficiencies. The assurance we have in the quality of our products means you can feel safe and confident when they’re going into yours. As a long-time ingredients supplier to the pet food, cattle, poultry, aquaculture and swine industries we offer a full range of high-quality proteins and feeding fats. 

Pilgrim’s Ingredients stands for safety, reliability and value. We enable animal feed and pet manufacturers to continually provide essential nutrients, improve feed efficiency and offer palatable products.

Aerial image of shipping crates on barge.

Sustaining Your Tomorrow

Tomorrow demands innovation, which presents us with never-ending opportunities to support you. We’re propelled by the prospects of our partnerships. Together, we’ll explore, grow, and find new ways to utilize the whole chicken–maximizing it’s benefits and finding new levels of value. Because a better tomorrow is something we can all look forward to.

Animal Welfare – Start to Finish

We believe in the welfare of all beings–from the chickens that provide us with our products, to the pets and people who use those products. It is our responsibility to respect animals, and to create the quality products that maximize their value. To that end, we are dedicated to using humane procedures and sound animal husbandry practices designed to prevent the mistreatment of the birds entrusted to our care. You can learn more about our animal welfare practices in our Animal Welfare section.