Chicken breast tenderloins (extra tender)
Breast Tenderloins (100% Natural Ingredients) cooked

Pilgrim’s breast tenderloins are quick and easy to prepare and, as an important source of protein, they’re good for you too. With a size that’s ideal for quick cooking, moms everywhere love the convenience. And they’re great for teaching kids to cook – simply have your children toss them into the breading of your choice, make sure they’re well coated and then arrange them on a backing sheet or put them into a skillet. You’ll have a delicious, wholesome meal in no time.

Kids love to eat them too, dipping them into their favorite sauces, like ranch dressing or honey. Or for a quick meal option, toss them straight from the package, with a bag of frozen veggies, into a large pan and stir-fry them.

Another simple idea is pesto chicken. Just pour a can of ready-made pesto sauce, or your own homemade pesto, over the chicken, top with mozzarella cheese and bake. You can have simple and delicious meals every time when you choose Pilgrim’s fresh breast tenderloins.