Drumsticks (100% Natural) cooked

Drumsticks are so easy to eat, so juicy and delicious, they are the first piece of chicken you’ll give a toddler because it’s easy for them to hold and nibble on. Imagine the delight of a child who has graduated from pureed, unseasoned meat-stuff to a golden, crispy, delicious drumstick. That’s a good day in a kid’s life and a memorable moment for the family. And it’s a simple pleasure that no one ever grows out of, as even adults love a drumstick.

For a healthier than fried drumstick, try our “oven-fried” chicken recipe. It’s got the taste and crunch of fried chicken, without the health consequences and calories. To prepare it, remove the skin and dip the drumstick in a mixture of non-fat buttermilk before coating it in your favorite spices with whole wheat flour (rather than refined flour) and sunflower seeds for the added crunch. Spray the pieces with low-calorie cooking spray for that sinful (without the sin) fried taste. Bake and enjoy!

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