Split Breast With Ribs
Split Breast with Ribs (100% Natural) cooked

Pilgrim’s split breasts are a frugal mom’s favorite cut of chicken. Why? It’s very affordable, very healthy and there’s a lot of meat to work with. One large package of split breasts can make three easy meals at a bargain.

To get the most out of the product, debone the split breasts and pop the bones into a crock pot almost full of water. Add about two tablespoons of vinegar to leach the nutrients like calcium out of the bone and add some garlic and Italian seasoning for flavor. In about eight hours, you can freeze about four cups of broth for future use.

While the broth is simmering, put a couple of breasts in a baggie with some spiced tomatoes for future chicken fajitas. Put a couple of breasts in a baggie with lime juice and honey for future honey lime chicken. And put what’s left into a skillet with veggies for a delightful chicken stir-fry. You’ll have half a week’s worth of meals and broths with one package of chicken. That’s a frugal mom’s dream.