Whole Chicken
Whole Chicken (100% Natural) cooked

A whole chicken is one of the most economical ways to provide your family with a nutritious and delicious meal. And Pilgrim’s whole chickens are guaranteed to come out succulent and juicy every time.

What’s more, a whole chicken and a crock pot make a perfect marriage for busy parents too tired to labor over a hot stove after a long day. Simply put the chicken, veggies, potatoes, onion, garlic and spices in the crock pot in the morning and turn it on low. When you return from the day’s activities, the smell of a hot, comforting meal will delight the whole family and the chicken will be so tender, it will fall off the bone.

To further save time and money, use one whole chicken to make several small meals. You can cook the chicken at the beginning of the week and use the meat in several protein-rich, delicious meals. Menu ideas include chicken salad, chicken spaghetti, chicken noodle soup and chicken dumplings.